Europe Évènement - Photo of a town tower with green laser beams projection starting from the tower and accompanied by fireworks

Volumetric Shows

Volumetric shows consist of drawing different kinds of volumes and multicolored shapes using laser beams. These dynamic and unique shows go perfectly with music and can follow its rhythm. They can also come in addition to a fireworks show.

Europe Évènement - laser show - Photo of green laser beams projected over a city in Le Havre

Signage Projection

Signage projection use precise light beams in order to create traits visible from a long distance and in the shape of indications.

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Europe Évènement - Volumetric show - Photo of an outdoor show with blue, green and orange laser beams passing over the audience in Saint-Cloud

Volumetric Show

Volumetric shows consist of drawing geometric shapes using laser beams.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a concert by DJ David Guetta with laser beams and blue lights around him


Laser shows in festivals or concerts allow one to highlight a musical event thanks to visual effects.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a DJ Boris Brejcha with laser bars projected above him

Laser Cage / Laser Grid

Laser cages and grids correspond to visual illusions that are formed by laser beams and that generate frames for the elements of an event.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of smoke with green and blue colours

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis transport spectators into the northern hemisphere under the nebulous veils of polar auroras.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a tower with a projection of fireworks and green laser beams

Shows Above the City

The volumetric shows above the city make it possible to highlight a municipality or territorial collectivity.

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