Europe Évènement - Graphic projection

Graphic Projection

Graphic projection consists in the projection of all kinds of visuals (logos, texts, animations, videos, etc.) using laser beams. These projections can be made on any surface such as a stadium, a building or even a water screen for a hologram rendering.

Europe Évènement - Logo and lettering projection - Projection of a lion in laser

Logo / Writing Projection

The projection of logo or writings is a graphic and visual show performed thanks to laser.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a stadium with green laser shapes projected on it during the 2018 league cup final

Animation Projection

The animation projection is a show involving light beams and videos.

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Europe Évènement - Projection of a laser panel with North Pole written on it

Christmas Tales

Christmas tales offer familial and magical moments focused on the emotions brought by this time of the year.

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Pink laser hologram

Laser Hologram

Laser holograms are graphic projections of designs creating holographic images.

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Europe Event - Photo of a tree with fairy forest projection of red, green and blue laser beams

Fairy Forest

The Fairy Forest performance transports you into a world of magic and enchantment by illuminating the trees.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of an underground car park with two people painting letters on the walls following the design projected by lasers


Anamorphosis is a type of projection working like an interactive trompe-l’oeil.

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