Laser Mapping

Laser mapping consists of drawing the contours and curves of an infrastructure such as a monument or a stadium. This technique makes it possible to highlight its architecture thanks to a sound and light show associated with lasers.

Europe Évènement - Photo of the Martigues viaduct with laser contour tracing

Monument Mapping

Laser mapping on monument allows to highlight the architecture of a building thanks to a sound and light show.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a mountain with laser projection of white lines forming a skier, a piste and fir trees

Mountain Mapping

Laser mapping on mountains allows to project any kind of visual illustration on a mountain and to highlight a resort.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a stadium with a projected green league cup logo

Sport Events Mapping

Mapping for sport events allow to highlight your show no matter if it takes place outdoor or indoor.

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Europe Évènement - The Constellation effect for a lake mapping at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud

Lake Mapping

Laser mapping on lake allows to project graphics, animations or even movies on a water surface.

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Europe Évènement - Photo of a caravanserai with mosaic shapes projected onto it and the outlines of the openings traced.

Volumetric Mapping

Volumetric mapping corresponds to a projection of drawings and 3D volumes offering a realistic render.

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